DiVeN Catalogue

About the DiVeN Project

During February 2017 several laser rainfall sensors were placed around the UK to form DiVeN (Disdrometer Verification Network) on a 2000 mile long field campaign. These instruments measure the size and fall speed of each individual particle which allows the type of precipitation to be empirically deduced. The goal is to compare this data against the new Met Office dual-polarisation radar network which has the ability to determine precipitation type (rain, snow, hail etc.) for a CASE funded PhD project. There are currently 10 instruments deployed with 3 more planned; they will be operating in the field for up to 3 years.

Disdrometer locations for DiVeN represented by blue icons(). Grey icons() signify Met Office Radars. The Chilbolton marker denotes two adjacent instruments at the main site for consistency check.